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  • pass throug autoclave AH-1200
  • PLZ-1200.1 - the line of loading of cans in a basket (container) of the autoclave AH-1200
  • 5 autoclaves AH-1200
  • autoclave AH-1200 with container
  • autoclave accessories, service equipment to the autoclave AH-1200
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Equipment for cannery

The equipment is developed and produced for lines of small and average productivity (up to 6000 cans/hour)
for the purpose of mechanization of production and reduction of manual skills at the enterprise.

The semiautomatic discharger of containers and baskets with a rotating table,
ventilated tunnel.

The discharger as well as the loader is equipped with a hydraulic lifthydraulic lift. It is made of stainless steel and equipped with pneumatic pusher to move the row of jars to the top on a rotating table of the unloaderpneumatic pusher. It has a frequency control of the conveyor and the ventilated tunnel speed.

Containers of the plant`s autoclaves-sterilizers loaded with cans after autoclaving and the delivery to the unloader go with a roller cart onto the hydraulic lift of the unloader which is also serviced by one worker. The operator presses a "Start up" button on the control panel of the hydraulic lift. Our unloader is equipped with the necessary sensors that stop the lift when the bottom of the jar top row of the container reaches the rotating table. Next, the operator presses another button on the RC and the pusher moves the top row of cans in container on a rotating table. on a rotating table spring rod directs cans into the ventilated tunnel.spring rod. Next, operator presses "Backward" button on the control panel and returns the air barrel shelf in its original position in order to move next several jars on the rotating table, than presses "start up" button and hydraulic lift stops the top row of cans in the correct location to move it on the rotating table of unloader. With the passage of warm (after autoclave-sterilizer) cans on the conveyor tunnel, powerful fan through a special nozzle blows away any remaining moisture and dry can gets on the labeler conveyor.

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