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  • pass throug autoclave AH-1200
  • PLZ-1200.1 - the line of loading of cans in a basket (container) of the autoclave AH-1200
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  • autoclave AH-1200 with container
  • autoclave accessories, service equipment to the autoclave AH-1200
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Equipment for canneries

The equipment is developed and produced for lines of small and average productivity (up to 6000 cans/hour) for the purpose of mechanization of production and reduction of manual skills at the enterprise.

The semi-automatic loader of containers and baskets with a rotating table,
the conveyor of communication with a canwash.

The loader is equipped with a hydraulic lifthydraulic lift made of stainless steel. It has the control of motion frequency of the conveyor speed, connection and the speed of rotation of the table. Rolled up cans on the conveyor belt (canning shop equipment) of the customer come to the connection carrier (transporter). Carrier is equiped with canwashercanwasher. Clean can gets on a rotating tablerotating table of the loader, which is serviced by one workerservicing of the loader. To reduce download time container loader can be handled by two workers (both sides).

The main advantage over manual stacking of cans into a container - no need to bend down for the installation of the lower ranks of the container. Empty container of the autoclave-sterilizer with a movable bottom, mounted on a trolley ride to boot, put on the site of entry and moves with the roller cart on the lift`s tablelift`s rooler table of the loader. The operator puts a perforated strip of polypropylene at high mobile bottom of the container and includes a remote control button "start up" hydraulic lift. The loader of the autoclave container is equipped with the necessary sensors that stop the elevator when the bottom of the container reaches the rotating table. The operator manually moves cans in the gasket and presses "run down" button. After lowering one level lift automatically stops working, operator puts a pad and starts filling next row of the container. Two canning plant workers for one minute can load two rows of cans into the container of the autoclave-sterilizer.

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