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Our enterprise is a producer of horizontal autoclaves of AH-1200 series. Autoclaves are for sterilization and pasteurization of foodstuff in any packing. All parts of autoclaves are made of quality stainless steel. We manufacture autoclaves (with heat exchangers) AH-1200T and autoclaves (without heat exchangers) AH-1200E.

Autoclaves AH-1200T
with heat exchanger classical

AH-1200T with heat exchangers classical

In these autoclaves all processes take place not in the autoclave, but in the spiral heat exchanger with two contours of circulation. Process water in the autoclave is pumped by constantly circulation pump in an irrigation box through an internal contour of the heat exchanger. At a heating stage saturated steam is pumped in an external contour of the heat exchanger, where it is condensed and returned to the steam generator. At a cooling stage cold water is pumped in an external contour of the heat exchanger, where it heats up, goes to the customer's cooler where it is cooled, generated in the tank of chilled water and again goes into the autoclave heat exchanger.

Autoclaves with heat exchanger are the most modern (and widely used in the world) autoclaves. They allow to work according to the scheme of reverse water supply on waste-free technology. Additional water for cooling will not be required and in the sewerage (practically) is dumped nothing. Steam in an external contour of the heat exchanger is condensed and through a condensate return is returned to the steam generator.

You can watch the principle of operation of the two-carts autoclave with heat exchanger on video ↓

The system of automatic equipment of autoclaves is developed by specialists of our enterprise – natives of the Russian Federal Nuclear Center. The program is made on the industrial tablet computer with the touch screen in Russian (at the request of the customer it can be translated into any other language). Many owners of autoclaves (including import, for example German ones) ask to install on their autoclaves our system of automatic equipment since it is simple in mastering and use, is inexpensive and reliable. The operator only clicks «Start», all the rest is done by the system of automatic equipment.

Throughout all time of operation of autoclaves (with our Customer) we carry out guarantee, service and consulting maintenance. At any time you can call us and our experts will answer all your questions in Russian. To get answers in English, please e-mail us your questions or write us through the feedback form on the «Contacts» page.

It is worth meaning that our autoclaves differ in nothing from autoclaves of the best European producers, except for the price.

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