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Semi-automatic unit UF-4.5
for retorts packages doypack

Semi-automatic packing unit UF-4.5 is intended for packing of liquid and pastelike products
into (made in advance) multilayered laminated packages of the doypack type
with the subsequent sterilization in
horizontal autoclaves

Products recommended for packaging with the unit:

  • dairy products
  • soups
  • ready meals, meat/vegetables mixtures
  • ketchup
  • tomato paste
  • mayonnaise

The unit consists of a sealing module with conveyor module, packing table and the table of finished products. There are two packaging unit for blowing packages, two dosing devices, two devices for proportioning manual dosing. The unit is serviced by two operators, standing on opposite sides of the table packing.

Semi-automatic unit UF-4.5
for retort-packages Doy-Pak

Unit provides the following functions:

operations performed by operators
in manual and semi-automatic mode

  • blowing of packages
  • a la manual dosing
  • metered pouring of liquid
    and pasty products
  • installation of filled packages
    onto conveyor soldering

automatic operations

  • sealing of packages
  • marking

How it works:

Operator manually submits the package to the cone blowing device where package is inflated with compressed air. Open package is installed under the funnel of proportional manual dispensing or to the automatic measure feeder, by pressing the pedal pouring a given dose of the product is made. Then operators put the package on the conveyor of the sealing machine, package gets sealed in automatic mode, marked with the date of manufacture and rolls into the autoclave basket, mounted on the table ready products.

Specifications of the unit UF-4.5


up to 600 packages/hour (volume of package up to 1000 ml)

Dose volume

1000 ml


220V; 50Hz; 1,5kW

Compressed air

4 - 6 atm

Number of operators

2 people

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