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  • autoclave accessories, service equipment to the autoclave AH-1200
  • PLZ-1200.1 - the line of loading of cans in a basket (container) of the autoclave AH-1200
  • two-section jars washing unit DMA-02
  • autoclave AH-1200 with container of stews
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Cannery equipment

The enterprise makes semi-automatic lines of loading of cans
in baskets of the AH-1200 autoclaves of two models:
PLZ-1200.1 and PLZ-1200.2

The equipment is developed and is made for lines of small and average productivity
(up to 6000 cans per hour) for mechanization of production and reduction of manual work at an enterprise.

Semi-automatic line PLZ-1200.1semi-automatic line of loading of cans in baskets of the autoclaves AH-1200 PLZ-1200.1 it is intended for mechanization of production and reduction of manual skills at small and average canneries. The line of loading consists of the hydraulic elevator of scissors type and the accumulative conveyor. All main details of the loader are made of AISI 304 stainless steel.

The basket installed and recorded on the transport cart, the operator brings and establishes on rails of the elevator and fixes it in a frame cavity a latch. In difference from similar devices made by other russian and some european producers of loaders, the operator does not have to disconnect a basket from the cart and to transport it on elevator live rolls. On our elevator she comes around and is fixed together with the transport cartautoclave AH-1200 container with the transport cart.

Further the operator gets up on the platform which gives him the chance to work at convenient height and begins loading of a basket by cans.

After customer`s packing machine the cans get on the single-row conveyor, on the way pass a two-section canwasher and get on the accumulative conveyor of the loading line having autoclave basket widthtwo-section canwasher and accumulative conveyor of PLZ-1200 loaders. Operator (with the joystick of the hydroelevator) lifts a mobile bottom with the layer on necessary height and other joystick raises the clamping device of cans on the accumulative conveyor. Thus the next layer of cans moves from the accumulative conveyor to a basket. Further the operator puts on cans on a basket gasket, and repeats all operations again till the last layer in a basket is filled.

Then the operator opens a latch on a frame, takes out from the elevator the filled basket the banks intended for sterilization in the autoclave and delivers an empty basket in the elevator. The operator only puts the next laying and operates two joysticks.

Distinctive feature of our line is that the operator during loading, practically, doesn't concern cans that is characteristic of loaders made by other russian and some european companies.

Our semi-automatic PLZ-1200.1 lines are intended for loading of all standard sizes of round (tin and glass) jars, is served by one operator, who can load two layers of a basket in a minute.

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