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  • pass through autoclave AH-1200
  • autoclave AH-1200 with container
  • 5 autoclaves AH-1200
  • autoclave accessories, service equipment to the autoclave AH-1200
  • PLZ-1200.1 - the line of loading of cans in a basket (container) of the autoclave AH-1200
  • two-section jars washing unit DMA-02
  • autoclave AH-1200 with container of stews
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December 2020

Snezhinsk television company released a video
about our enterprise: «MADE IN SNEZHINSK»

December 2020
LLC «Kronidov» The second autoclave for production of
ready made food in retort packaging was
commissioned at the enterprise of LLC «Kronidov».

November 2020
Sibagro Company At Sibagro enterprize autoclave
AH-1200/3 commissioned
for milk sterilisation in retort
packages of the «doypack» type.

November 2020
Davydovsky vegetable drying plant At Davydovsky Vegetable Drying Plant
four-basket autoclave was commissioned
for production of vegetable preserves.

October 2020
«Ice-plus» LLP At the enterprise of «Ice Plus» LLP in
Kazakhstan second autoclave AH-1200/4
was put into operation
for production of sterilised milk.

September 2020
The fifth and sixth of our autoclaves AH-1200/2
were put into operation at the «Promyaso» enterprise
for production of stews in tin.

September 2020
two-section jars washing unit (jars washer) of DMA-02 of production «UralCenterKomplekt» two-section jars washing unit (jars washer) of DMA-02 of production «UralCenterKomplekt» two-section jars washing unit (jars washer) of DMA-02 of production «UralCenterKomplekt»

Our company has started production of two-section jars washing unit DMA-02. The unit is intended for washing and rinsing of almost all sizes of tins and glass jars after packing of preserves before their sterilisation in an autoclave. Washing and rinsing take place through adjustable high pressure quick-release nozzles.
A distinctive feature of our unit is the possibility of its adjustment for each size of the can of all four pipes with nozzles, as well as the nozzles themselves in both compartments.

July 2020
A set of equipment was shipped to «Phoenix» LLC
based on our autoclave АH-1200T/4 designed to for
operation according to the wasteless technology scheme.
Autoclave-based (AH-1200T) equipment package 
designed for operation according to the wasteless technology scheme

July 2020
At the «Malkom» enterprise in Novomichurinsk
will produce milk in a polypropylene bottle
sterilized in our autoclave.

July 2020
Two AH-1200T/2 autoclaves were commissioned
at the enterprise of LLC «PreservPakLam»
for sterilisation of meat preserves in lamister packaging.

June 2020
Our autoclave for sterilisation of delicatessen corn in retort packaging
was shipped to the enterprise LLC «Agro-Soyuz»

June 2018
Agricultural complex of N.I. Tkachyov Our fifth autoclave AH-1200T/4 was shipped into
one of the largest enterprises in Krasnodar Krai –
«Agricultural complex of N.I.Tkachyov»
for production canned food from vegetables and fruit.

April 2020
As part of the modernization of the Orsk meat processing plant
we shipped the first 40-foot fura with our equipment.
40-foot container with the equipment produced by UralCenterKomplekt

March 2020
Kurganinsky meat poultry processing plant A second autoclave AH-1200T/2 was put into operation
at Kurganinsky meat poultry processing plant.

March 2020
LLC «SeaEco Foods» At the company LLC «SeaEco Foods»
began to produce canned vegetables
in glass jars in an autoclave AH-1200/1.

February 2020
Autoclaving fish and meat preserves
In Kostanay, Republic of Kazakhstan,
will be produced in an autoclave АH-1200T/3.

January 2020
Orsk Meat-processing plant Modernization continues of one of the largest in Russia
Orsk Meat Processing Plant. Last year the factory
celebrated its 80 anniversary. Our enterprise signed
a contract for the supply of six horizontal through-passing
autoclaves for the cannery of the meat processing plant
that will replace 25 vertical autoclaves that have worked
their eyelid.

January 2020
Ramensky Meat-processing plant The one-basket autoclave was shipped
to Ramensky Meat-processing plant
for the production of animal feed.
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