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September 2019
Velikiye Luki meat-processing plant Signed contract for delivery of the fifth!!!
our horizontal autoclave АH-1200T/2
for Velikiye Luki meat-processing plant.

September 2019
UralCenterKomplekt (Russian producer of industrial autoclaves) AGROPRODMASH-2019

August 2019
As part of the modernization of the Far East fish processing enterprise
JSC Seaproduct the first 40-foot container of equipment produced
by our company was shipped.
40-foot container with the equipment produced by UralCenterKomplekt

July 2019
Balt-Fish Plus At the Balt-Fish Plus enterprise
(one of the largest fish processing
holdings of Russia) are put into operation
eight of our autoclaves of AH-1200 series.
Good luck!

June 2019
On two milk plants in Yakutia our equipment
for production of sterilized milk is put into operation.

June 2019
Velikiye Luki meat-processing plant After successful exploitation of two our
autoclaves AH-1200T/2 on Velikiye Luki
meat-processing plant the third same
autoclave is put into operation and also
shipped the fourth, also made at our enterprise.

April 2019
АЛРОСА We congratulate on the 70 anniversary of discovery
of the Yakut diamonds pride of the Russian
diamond-mining industry (and our partner) -
JSC ALROSA. Progress and prosperity!
read article from the anniversary magazine pdf icon

March 2019
Ltd company «Friendship of the
People» Two autoclaves AH-1200T/2 are put into operation
for sterilization of canned meat in steralcon packing
at the «Friendship of the People» LLC enterprise.

February 2019
Sterilized milk in retort doypack packages
will be made at three milk plants of the Sakha Yakutia Republic.
Shipment of the equipment is made.

January 2019
Ltd company «First Meat
Plant of Altai» The fourth autoclave is put into operation
for sterilization of stewed meat in Biysk
(«First Meat Plant of Altai» LLC).

December 2018
Contract supervision and commissioning are done
at Dairy plant «Stavropolsky».
Works were carried out together with
scientists and technologists of the plant.
Results received are very good.

November 2018
JSC Dairy plant «Stavropolsky» The autoclave AH-1200T/2 is shipped to
JSC Dairy plant «Stavropolsky».

August 2018
Velikiye Luki meat-processing plant After successful exploitation of first autoclave
AH-1200T/2 within a year,
at the Velikiye Luki meat-processing plant,
is launched in operation the second autoclave
made at our enterprise.

July 2018
«Bogucharovo-Market» Trading House «Bogucharovo-Market» Trading House - one of the largest
producers of food ingredients and also fruit, berry
and vegetable preservation in Russia.
They own 2 canneries and the agricultural company,
whose economy consists of more than 600 hectares of the
earth with gardens of apple-trees, blackcurrant etc.
A good French horizontal autoclave made by STERIFLOW
has worked at one of their canneries for many years..
In 2013 the company bought our horizontal autoclave AH-1200T/3.
The autoclave had worked at the plant for 5 years and in July of this year we delivered
the second autoclave of same model and put it into operation.
It is pleasant when the CUSTOMER is happy with the equipment which you make.

June 2018
Agricultural complex of N.I. Tkachyov At one of the largest enterprises
in Krasnodar Krai –
«Agricultural complex of N.I. Tkachyov»
two more of our autoclaves AH-1200T/4
are put into operation for production
canned food from vegetables and fruit.

May 2018
JSC «Cherepovets Meat-processing Plant» Two autoclaves AH-1200T/4 are put into operation
at the JSC Cherepovets Meat-processing Plant enterprise
for production of canned meat.

April 2018
The autoclave AH-1200/4 is shipped to Kaliningrad
for production of forages for animals in doypack packages.

March 2018
LLC Myasnoff (Vladivostok) After four years' successful exploitation of our
autoclave AH-1200/1, LLC Myasnoff (Vladivostok)
enterprise has ordered and has received the second
autoclave AH-1200/2 for production of forages for animals.

February 2018
The autoclave AH-1200/3 is shipped to Kyrgyzstan
for the sterilized vegetable production.

February 2018
DEP At one of the largest dairy plants of Kazakhstan,
the «DEP» LLP enterprise, have started to produce
very tasty boiled condensed milk in our autoclave.

January 2018

Our company has developed and has started to produce
PLR-1200.1 semi-automatic lines of unloading baskets
for AH-1200 autoclaves. The line is intended for production
mechanization by means of reductions of manual work
at small and medium canneries.

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