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Horizontal and vertical
industrial autoclaves (comparison)

Horizontal and vertical industrial autoclaves (comparison)

Comparative characteristics of
vertical and horizontal industrial autoclaves

Horizontal industrial autoclaves

Vertical industrial autoclaves

1. For installation channels (mines) and also monorails with the electric telpher or cranes for loading of baskets are not required.

1. Installation requires the vertical mine which passes through floors of the building. For loading/unloading of baskets load-lifting mechanisms which demand certification and supervision are required.

2. Principle of operation of horizontal autoclaves and their features:

The horizontal autoclaves, especially those applying the "water cascade" technologies system (The French company «Steriflow», «UralCenterKomplekt» LLC) have the shortest production cycle (the largest productivity) allowing to carry out strictly any formulas of sterilization given to scientific research institute. The most effective system of a heat transfer allowing not to digest canned food is used. A small amount of process water is filled in on an autoclave bottom. In the horizontal autoclave with two baskets 200 liters of water are filled in ~ (in two baskets vertical ~ 2500 liters of water). Time for heating and cooling up to the set temperature for 200 liters of water is much less, than for 2500 liters of water. Respectively steam consumption in horizontal autoclaves is lower, than in vertical autoclaves. Jet irrigation under pressure in the autoclave happens due to intensive circulation of the process water created by the powerful pump through thousands of small openings in the irrigation "trough" located in the top part of the autoclave. At the expense of a special design of the autoclave and high pro-accuracy of water there is a washing of each packing with a product which is in autoclave baskets and uniform heating of products in cans is reached.

2. Due to low efficiency of processes of heat transfer, it is difficult to realize a set sterilization formula that reduces quality of final product. Low efficiency of heat transfer also conducts to big energy consumption that reduces economic indicators of autoclaves.

3. Autoclave door is closed by a bayonet lock with a turn of a steering wheel.

Horizontal autoclave door is closed by a bayonet lock with a turn of a steering wheel

3. Process of closing/opening of a door demands big labor costs and time, in comparison with a bayonet lock of horizontal autoclaves.

4. In such autoclave it is possible to sterilize canned food in any packing. Adjustment of pressure in packing and outside it is reached by a possibility of creation of counter-pressure in the autoclave, thanks to what packing is not damaged.

4. In such autoclave it is difficult to sterilize canned food in steralkon packing (meat pastes) and in soft retort packing (ready made meals, stern for animals in doy-pack packages), etc. It is difficult to create the uniform counter-pressure in each packing. Pressure inside packing at the lower part of the autoclave differs from pressure inside packing at its top part.

5. Labor-intensive process of loading and unloading of baskets can be automated.

Loading of cans in baskets of horizontal autoclaves ↓

Unloading of cans from baskets of horizontal autoclaves ↓

5. Labor-intensive process of loading and unloading of baskets in vertical autoclaves cannot be automated.

Here is how baskets of vertical autoclaves are unloaded from cans ↓

6. In Europe and the USA only horizontal autoclaves are made and operated.

6. Vertical autoclaves in Europe and the USA are neither produced nor operated.

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