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  • PLZ-1200.1 - the line of loading of cans in a basket (container) of the autoclave AH-1200
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December 2013
LLC PK «Aromaty Leta» The autoclave AH-1200/2 is put into operation at the enterprise
LLC PK «Aromaty Leta» in Krasnodar region.

November 2013
Aleutia company Aleutia company knows where crabs winter and how to make
out of them a delicacy, sterilizing it in the autoclave AH-1200/2.

October 2013
Laktomir Novosibirsk Now in the production technology of modern probiotics
of the enterprise "Laktomir" Novosibirsk participates
the autoclave AH-1200/1.

September 2013
Meat-processing plant LLC «VIZIT» in Kiev region of Ukraine
purchased second autoclave AH-1200/4.

August 2013
At the Gudermes Agrocombine "Tsentroyevsky" the second line
(production of canned food) with three autoclaves AH-1200/2
is put into operation.

July 2013
In Kargopolye's settlement of the Kurgan region at the "Uralsky Dainties"
enterprise two autoclaves AH-1200/2 were put in operation.

June 2013
Two autoclaves AH-1200/2 were put in operation
at the enterprise LLC SibRial in Barnaul (production of vegetable canned food).

May 2013
LLC Bogucharovo Market The LLC Bogucharovo Market company in Tula region
will now sterilize vegetable canned food
not only in the French autoclave STERIFLOW,
but also in our autoclave AH-1200/3.

April 2013
Baryshsky meat-processing plant Two autoclaves AH-1200/2 (for sterilization of canned meat
in steralcon packing) were put into operation
on Baryshsky meat-processing plant.

March 2013
Federal Unitary State Enterprise Shchelkovo Biocombine Federal Unitary State Enterprise "Shchelkovo Biocombine"
(one of the largest enterprises for production of the immunobiological
preparations for animals) will now perform sterilization of vaccines
in the autoclave AH-1200/2.

January 2012
Tomsk production company SAVA The Tomsk production company "SAVA" began to sterilize
cedar milk in autoclaves AH-1200/2.
cedar milk

December 2012
Two autoclaves AH-1200/2 are shipped to Baryshsky meat-processing
plant for production of canned meat in steralcon packing.

October 2012
The LLC Uralsky Raznosol enterprise will soon begin
sterilization of vegetable canned food in glass jars in the autoclaves AH-1200/2.

September 2012
At the Gudermes Agrocombine "Tsentroyevsky" the first line for productions
of canned food with two autoclaves AH-1200/2 was put into operation.

August 2012
The federal state unitary enterprise Kubanskoye received
two autoclaves AH-1200/3 for production of a stewed meat in a tin.

July 2012
The autoclave AH-1200T/4 is made and shipped to
meat-packing plant LLC «VIZIT» in Kiev region of Ukraine.

June 2012
ALEXEYEVSKY DIARY COMBINE Autoclave AH-1200T/4 was placed in operation
Now popular condensed milk will be sterilized with our equipment.

May 2012
In the city of Kamyshin of the Volgograd region the enterprise of Nominative
Kalyandra began to sterilize tomato paste in the autoclave AH-1200/3.

April 2012
sterilized milk in doy-pack packages The line on production of the sterilized milk in Doy-Pak packages
is started at the Federal Unitary enterprise "Kubanskoye"

March 2012

Second UF-4.2 line for the automatic packing of chicken paste
into 'steralcon' packages was placed in operation
at the «New-Ezdotsky» poultry farm.

January 2012
White Bird Second autoclave AH-1200/4 was placed in operation at
the «New-Ezdotsky» poultry farm which is part of
the «White Bird» holding.
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