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  • PLZ-1200.1 - the line of loading of cans in a basket (container) of the autoclave AH-1200
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years 2012 - 2013 →

December 2011
Evalar Autoclave AH-1200/T was brought into operation in one of the
largest Russian pharmaceutical companies «Evalar».

September 2011

September 30, 2011 in the television show «I want to know» with
Michael Shirvindt there was a story about canning cucumbers,
filmed at the "Valdai` Pogrebok" factory.
Our equipment (how it works) can be seen there
(commented by Michael).

August 2011
BALTIMORE «BALTIMORE» corporation. In Krasnodar, in the shop where canned
vegetables are produced along with Italian (4 pcs.), French and German
autoclaves in operation were put two of our autoclave AH-1200T/4.
Now in «BALTIMORE» successfully operate nine autoclaves
AH-1200T/4 of our production.

July 2011
Veliky Novgorod. At Food Plant of Oblpotrebsoyuz
autoclave AH-1200T/2 was put in operation.

April 2011
Valdai Pogrebok "Valdai` Pogrebok" company
purchased the second set
of additional equipment (loader, unloader,
containers, etc.), as there are
two autoclaves AH-1200T/3 in operation there.

February 2011
Kazakhstan. "Daiy Stories Ltd" in order to increase production of UHT milk
in PET bottles purchased and put in operation second AH-1200T/4 autoclave.

January 2011
autoclave for smelting of model structure (boilerclave) For the first time in Russia's steel industry an autoclave
made by a domestic producer is used to melt the model of.
Lost wax casting, rendering
of the model and its discharge is performed in our autoclave.

December 2010
Altai krai, Biysk. «Successful Choice» LLC started production of sterilized milk
of long storage (in the autoclave AH-1200T/2) in retorts doypack packages.

November 2010
Armenia. "Shamb BUSINESS» LLC company began to produce canned vegetables
(in glass jars). Two autoclaves AG-1200/T were purchased and put in operation
for sterilization of those products.

September 2010
AH-1200E/3 at the Chelyabinsk Oil and fat Plant Horizontal autoclave AH-1200E/3 of structural steel
with corrosion-resistant coating put into operation
at the "Chelyabinsk Oil&Fat factory" in Chelyabinsk.

August 2010
Russian Agricultural Bank August 3, 2010 notification № 025-12-2-32/7842 LLC Russian Agricultural
Bank has confirmed the accreditation LLC Novosibirsk Leasing Company
for work under the task/special program "Mortgage processing
equipment." Now our autoclaves and equipment for packaging
in steralcon are available for leasing.

July 2010
autoclaves AH-1200E/2 at Budyonnovsk the dairy plant "Budennovsky Dairy Plant" of the Stavropol region began
to produce UHT milk and other products.
Sterilization takes place in autoclave AH-1200E/2.

July 2010
autoclaves AH-1200 at the Valdai` Pogrebok Second autoclave AT-1200T/3, carrier with
canwasher and semi-automatic basket
loader with rotating table put into operation
in Valdai of Novgorod region
at the "Valdai` Pogrebok" company.
equipment by UralCenterKomplekt at the Valdai` Pogrebok plant

June 2010
Five autoclaves AH-1200T/4
at the Baltimore-Krasnodar enterprise. Five autoclaves AH-1200T/4 are put into operation
at the "Baltimore-Krasnodar" enterprise.

April 2010
autoclaves AH-1200T/4 in Khabarovsk at the Baltimore-Amur enterprise Two autoclaves AH-1200T/4 are put into operation
in Khabarovsk at the "Baltimore-Amur" enterprise.
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